You are a writer. It’s in your blood. You eat homonyms and homophones for breakfast. Analogies and metaphors are at your beck and call. You know the difference between its, it’s and its’. You know the difference between a colon and a semi-colon. You write circles around all your friends and they like it. 

We’d like to speak with you – better yet, write us something. We’re looking for great writers to be a part of our integrated marketing team. We’re looking for someone who can write press releases, white papers, Op/Eds, by-lines and funny social media posts. Second best case scenario – you are a writer with experience in business, technology and other interesting subjects – think B2B with a B2C vibe. Best case scenario – you also have Public Relations experience. (Fingers crossed.)

Meanwhile, you are looking for a great company that will let you shine and teach you new tricks. A close knit team that offers edits and proofreading to make your work better and gives you rafts of material and content that could use your touch.  

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