Innovation that Matters – 2016

Preface: I’ve been living and working in the Boston region for 30 years now.  A native upstate New Yorker, I’ve now spent far more time in Boston than in the place I think of as my hometown.  Even though I spent the first decade renting, and hopping around the region, I have now lived in my home here longer than the house I grew up in. Recently, our partners from Washington, 1776 (we worked with them on the Boston Challenge […]

NASA Social Media: Crowdpromoting in Space

Over Labor Day Weekend I received the exciting news that I now possess (temporary) NASA social media credentials and will be going to the Kennedy Space Center in Florida later this month to attend the media events and launch of the SpaceX-4 cargo resupply flight to the International Space Station. 

Hello Again: Co-marketing with Lincoln Motor Co

Co-marketing, cross-promoting or joint marketing programs are a time-honored tradition and one we have seen on the rise.  One industry that does a fabulous job of co-marketing is the automotive industry.  Over the last few weeks, as Mass Innovation Nights (our innovation/entrepreneurial minded alter-ego), we’ve been working with Lincoln Motor Cars as they bring their multi-city “Hello Again!” tour to Boston.  We’re thrilled to be able to showcase several Mass Innovation Nights products in the Boston Hello Again Hub space […]

Mass Innovation Nights- Pizza, IZZE and Plenty of Innovation

Jen Kaye is a PR, marketing and social media professional. At Carlton PR and Marketing, Jen specializes in using both traditional and social media marketing techniques to gain coverage and spread awareness for companies and their products.  Can you believe last week was the 40th Mass Innovation Night on the books? Age sure isn’t slowing the event down as the IBM Innovation Center in Waltham was abuzz with excitement surrounding the local innovation on display. As always there was a great […]

Innovation Leaders Forum

Ugh.  I’m at another event/conference today: the Innovation Leaders Forum (#ILF2012) presented by Imaginatik and hosted by Fidelity.  (Note: Imaginatik is also blogging today — check out their blog.)  And late at night, last night, I was horrified at the thought of another day not being able to focus on getting work done.  My to do list is monstrous. I owe a dozen people phone calls and deadlines are looming.  I thought about cancelling. I’ve been working far into the […]

Mass Innovation Nights – NERD style

Last night marked Mass Innovation Night’s 35th event (one more and it turns 3!) and this one, like the many before, was an evening full of networking and creating buzz about local innovation! The Microsoft NERD Center hosted last night’s event and gave guests a direct view of Boston’s shimmering skyline. There was a great turnout and a lot of excitement generated about the ten companies featured! People were continuing to file in as the presentation began. The top four […]