The New Power of the Press

Last night I attended a dinner organized by local Innovation Economy “catalyst” Scott Kirsner, columnist for the Boston Globe.  (You can read about the dinner itself on my other blog on Mass Innovation Nights.  Since this is my blog for PR and Marketing people, I’ll look at the evening from a different perspective.) 

Where Did All the Staff Reporters Go?

Reading the physical paper is a vastly different experience than reading the same stories online.  Not saying it is better — just different.  And that difference told a very interesting story at the Boston Globe recently. One way reading a physical paper is different from reading online is being able to see at a glance all the stories on a page — and not just the headlines and the links, but the whole story, bylines and all.  In this case, […]

Is the Microsoft Thesaurus Changing Our Language?

Was reading the Sunday Boston Globe this morning.  Love “The Word” by Jan Freeman. Something in this week’s column makes me wonder if some of the language transformation we are seeing might be the fault of new(er) tools in a writer’s arsenal? (Yes, I know they have been around for years but I am of the opinion that, except for some notable examples, language evolves rather slowly.)