Marketing Automation Software – Using Product Data to Trigger Nurture Emails Can be Tricky

Guest Post by Kathy Lamphier, Marketing Programs Manager, Demand Generation If you are using product data, for example, from a freemium or free trial, to trigger a lead nurture program, and you have a multi-step registration process, watch out for data delays. Check to see how long it takes for all of the required data to appear in the marketing automation software (MAS).

Marketing Automation Software – What to Know Before You Buy

Guest Post by Kathy Lamphier, Marketing Programs Manager, Demand Generation I’ve been talking to several marketing VPs and directors who’ve been using marketing automation software (MAS) – something like Marketo or Eloqua – and the consensus is that these tools are not easy to use and need a dedicated resource, like a marketing operations specialist or manager, and quite often ongoing consulting help from the MAS vendor.