Mass Innovation Nights – NERD style

Last night marked Mass Innovation Night’s 35th event (one more and it turns 3!) and this one, like the many before, was an evening full of networking and creating buzz about local innovation! The Microsoft NERD Center hosted last night’s event and gave guests a direct view of Boston’s shimmering skyline. There was a great turnout and a lot of excitement generated about the ten companies featured! People were continuing to file in as the presentation began. The top four […]

Having Trouble Launching Your New Product?

You created the best thing since sliced bread and you want everyone to know.  Once the word is out, you figure the world will beat a path to your door and you’ll be living the good life on some remote island…that you own. Or maybe it isn’t your new product.  You are the product manager.  Or the PR person.  Or the agency person.  You’re working for a big company that has something cool and unique to offer.