Viral Ads and Coke’s Big Game Ad Campaign

I can’t tell you the number of marketing and business plans I’ve read that say something like “Insert viral video here.”  Viral is hard.  Even people who have had viral success may not have had it on the first try, or on subsequent tries.  One viral video does not another make. Viral is tough, nay impossible to plan for.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t add the elements of viral success to your marketing plans.  Let’s look at something like […]

Factors when measuring social media

If you happen to live in America, chances are you were aware of the big Super Bowl game on Sunday. If you were on Twitter during the Super Bowl, you may have been aware of Brand Bowl (#brandbowl) – a movement fueled by social media enthusiasts who tweet their opinions on the TV ads that air during the Super Bowl.  (Brand Bowl is a partnership among Mullen, Radian6 and  What was derived from all that tweeting was the best […]