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Aste – Uncovering Truths Within Online Dating

Julie Nashawaty created a way to ensure singles are safe in the online dating scene – Aste, “your new sleuthy BFF”.

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Ottawa software star Klipfolio gets boost from existing backers

An emerging Ottawa’s cloud-based subscription software model, targeting small and medium-sized businesses hasgained additional funding exclusively from existing investors.

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Klipfolio raises $12 million series B to help SMBS get smarter about metrics

When Klipfolio launched in 2001, the Ottawa-based startup was very different than it is today. As the internet gained mainstream use and became a source of news and entertainment for more people, the company targeted the everyday consumer and provided desktop dashboard widgets tracking things like the weather and news.

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Hottest Enterprise Networking & IT Startups of 2017

CloudCraze, NGDATA and Klipfolio are top startups of 2017 which are the targets of fresh funding this year.

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OMERS Ventures’ Damien Steel on How to Do an Insider Round Right

Some investors have treated insider rounds like a canary in the coal mine about a startup’s outlook. If no new investors chip in funds, the company’s growth prospects may not be so bright—and returning investors are seen as begrudgingly helping the management to chug along.

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Innovation Hub looks to attract new ventures to city, and keep them

Recent UMass Lowell graduate Rajia Abdelaziz had a job interview scheduled with Google in California, but chose not to go. Tory Thompson was an Oracle marketing professional who decided to leave her comfortable career at the software giant.

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The Guide: Social Networks

In Boston’s business world, your network is everything. An insider’s guide to the top spots to rub elbows with the city’s movers and shakers.

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Lead(H)er – Mary Ellen Sparrow, CEO & Co-Founder at NextShift Robotics

“Boston is a great city for being a robotics startup. The Boston community has been tremendous. I think the marriage of entrepreneurship with robotics has really helped move us forward,” said Mary Ellen Sparrow, Co-founder and CEO of NextShift Robotics.

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Mass. robotics startup raises $25M led by Scale Venture Partners

Warehouse robotics has become a competitive area with the rise of e-commerce, especially in Massachusetts. Wilmington-based Locus Robotics wants to lead the industry after a new infusion of cash.

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Pixo VR demos new emergency responder training platform

PIXO VR, a virtual reality safety training company, has unveiled their new training platform for emergency response personnel.

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Trilio raises $5M in funding to grow engineering, sales team

Trilio was made to help add protection and meet the need of cloud based architecture which has been on the rise. This has caught the eye of several investors and helped raise $5m.

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SUSE Unveils OpenStack Cloud Monitoring & Supports TrilioVault

Today at the OpenStack Summit 2017 in Boston, MA, SUSE, aside from celebrating its 25th anniversary, announced its new open source software solution that makes it simple to monitor and manage the health and performance of enterprise OpenStack cloud environments and workloads, SUSE OpenStack Cloud Monitoring.

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These 30 Boston Startups Raised More Than $339M in October

Some of the companies that hit the $339M mark this past October, with Infinidat topping the list along with companies like Devoted Health and  Renew Energy Partners’.

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Tech Giants Make Their Blockchain Bets For 2018

Lead(H)er: Clara Vu, the VP of Engineering at Veo Robotics Inc.

Profile of Clara Vu who discovered her love of algebra in the 8th grade and quickly developed a career from her involvement in iRobot. 

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Amid Automation Debate, A.I. Backers Tout Job Creation Potential

With the rapid progressions of AI many feel that it will take away jobs, however Mark Gorenberg argues that we should not fear AI because less jobs are at risk than we think.

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The future of robotics means robots and humans will work side by side, experts say

At TechCrunch Sessions: Robotics, hosted at MIT, those in the robotics world talk about the future of robots and humans together.

Google Ventures Backs Veo Robotics to Make Factory Robots Human-Aware

Patrick Sobalvarro, Veo’s CEO and co-founder, is looking to a future of robot and human collaboration, where an entire factory could be human aware.

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How to Land a ‘Stretch’ Job

Good leaders can spot unrealized potential and steer employees to new challenges; this is the story of an employee that did just that.

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Meet Laila Partridge of WegoWise in Beacon Hill

Boston Voyager interviews Laila Partidge of WegoWise

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6 Steps to Improve & Sustain NOI

Real estate managers can significantly improve asset value by controlling variable expenses. Laila Partridge of WegoWise shares how owners and managers can get on the fast track to scalable and sustainable savings.

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Veo Robotics gives industrial robots a sixth sense for safely working around people: 

Everyone knows the robots are coming, so we should probably get to work figuring out how we can coexist. That’s the mission of Veo Robotics, which is working on a system that gives robots spatial awareness of every object and obstacle in their reach, from debris to people and everything in between. People and robots working together can accomplish far more than either one on its own.

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Innovation Hub looks to attract new ventures to city, and keep them:

LOWELL — Recent UMass Lowell graduate Rajia Abdelaziz had a job interview scheduled with Google in California, but chose not to go. Tory Thompson was an Oracle marketing professional who decided to leave her comfortable career at the software giant.

Each woman felt the pull of entrepreneurship and rejected easier career paths. On Thursday, other risk-takers joined them at a Mass Innovation Nights event, held at UMass Lowell’s Innovation Hub in the Hamilton Innovation District.

Just as the entrepreneurs felt the pull of starting a company, the university seeks to attract early stage ventures to its iHub at 110 Canal Street. The iHub “is here for a very particular reason,” said Steven Tello, the university’s senior associate vice chancellor for entrepreneurship and economic development.

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Trilio raises $5M in funding to grow engineering, sales team:

Data protection startup Trilio Data announced today that it has raised a $5M Series A round of funding led by Boston-based .406 Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm that invests in enterprise tech companies.

Trilio, which provides data protection, backup and recovery solutions for OpenStack, said it will use the new funds to grow its engineering, sales and marketing teams, as well as increase channel enablement support for the company’s global customer base and accelerate its technology roadmap.

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The Guide: Social Networks:

Mass Innovation Nights

Why go: To see and be seen with the city’s breakout entrepreneurs and most disruptive companies.

What to know: These monthly events give startups the chance to pitch their products to a critical crowd of tech-centric professionals and social media influencers. No membership is needed, but space is limited, so be sure to RSVP pronto.

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Google Ventures Backs Veo Robotics to Make Factory Robots Human-Aware:

While the debate continues over how much of an impact robotics and automation will have on human jobs, Veo Robotics is betting on a different kind of future: a close and fluid collaboration between humans and machines.

With a system designed to give factory robots awareness of the human workers around them, the Cambridge startup has raised a $12 million Series A funding round led by GV (formerly known as Google Ventures) and Lux Capital. The round, which was announced on Wednesday, also included participation from Next47, a venture capital firm created by industrial manufacturing giant Siemens. Bilal Zuberi of Lux Capital and Andy Wheeler of GV have joined the company’s board of directors with the new financing.

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