The AMS Giving Page

Accounting Management Solutions provides part-time and interim CFOs, controllers and accounting
professionals for companies and nonprofits. The goal was to demonstrate the deep affinity and
connection to the nonprofit client base while not alienating the for-profit clients and prospects.

We worked with an outside designer and website developer to create the elements for the project:
1. A simple submission page for the nonprofits to use to submit their information electronically.
2. A tastefully designed display page for the nonprofit profiles.
3. A logo for the project which was incorporated into the annual holiday greeting email, a home
page image for the website “slider”.

We used LinkedIn, Twitter and email newsletters to connect to nonprofits and invite them to be part of
our holiday greeting going out to more than 25,000 contacts on our newsletter list. The nonprofits
submitted a logo, description and link back to their website. The company’s annual electronic holiday
letter eschewed ‘fancy’ holiday greetings and simply directed readers to the company Giving Page to
learn more about 50 local nonprofits, and possibly volunteer and donate. (Note that the website has
recently undergone a redesign we were not involved in and other projects, like case study pages have
also been reworked.)

 More than 25,000 recipients received the newsletter with a 21 percent open rate (industry
average is below 12 percent)
 50 nonprofits participated in the program the first year
 The company CEO, president, nonprofit practice leader and several individual consultants
received special kudos from nonprofits as well as recipients of the email. Many cited the
problem nonprofits have reaching out to new audiences and praised the company’s out-of- the-
box thinking.
 A dozen non-client nonprofits participated because they were invited by someone they knew,
proving the project had strong word of mouth. The project opened up immediate discussions
with three prospective new nonprofit clients.