Internet Marketing Boot Camp

Today (Saturday, March 3, 2012) the Microsoft NERD is playing host to a big crowd of entrepreneurs taking advantage of an Internet Marketing Boot Camp.  The event, organized by our friends at Boston SEO Experts, is a free event and offers presentations on Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Public Relations, and then a series of workshops.

SEO and Press Release Basics

We’ve written about press releases and Search Engine Optimization before but we’ve had some questions on the topic lately.  You know we frequently recommend press releases which have been optimized.  Here are some basics:

Three Questions from Social Media Club Boston

Last night I went to the Social Media Club meeting (#SMCBoston) held at Hill Holiday’s State Street offices.   Hill Holiday kicked things off with a multi-media overview of their incredibly creative Chili’s campaign (using P.J. Bland’s.)  I loved the idea of using social media to “activate assets.”  (Sounds like Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, doesn’t it?)  And, the entire connected universe, wow.  Impressive…budget.  With a short introduction for and from each, the panel was introduced.