What Should I Tweet?

This morning I was part of a panel on using Twitter for business.  I always love being a part of these panels because I get to hear people’s problems, concerns and pain points.  (And I always get to learn something from the other folks on the panel.) The Merrimack Valley Sandbox crew always runs a good show and this morning was no exception.  Right off the bat, our esteemed moderator asked the audience for their questions.  Several came down to the same point:  What should I tweet?

It’s the same problem with a blank piece of paper, or an empty WordPress screen.  What do you put in it?  Writer’s block can hit even the best writer but the “What should I Tweet?” question goes a little deeper.  What should I Tweet so people will follow me?  What should I Tweet so people won’t un-follow me?  What should I tweet so the right people will follow me?  What should I Tweet in order to engage my target market?  What should I retweet? Here are just a few questions to get you started thinking:

  • What questions do your customers ask you?
  • What questions do your prospects ask?
  • What’s the biggest issue in your industry?
  • What’s the biggest myth or misconception about what you do?
  • What’s the most interesting article you read today about your market?
  • What did one of your industry analysts say?
  • Did one of your customers win an award or a prize?  Congratulate them!
  • What did a famous person once say about your industry or profession?
  • What did a non-famous person say about your industry or profession?  (Especially if it’s funny.)
  • What’s trending on Twitter RIGHT NOW?
  • What did you have for breakfast?  (Just kidding…that’s a Facebook post or an Instagram picture.)

Off you go…just remember that social media is like dieting.  A moment on the lips, forever on the hips (or, on the Internet.)