Introduction to the concept of balanced marketing and public relations

The vast majority of titles on my resume have some relation to public relations or communications.  Most of my friends and business associates introduce me as their PR person, or former PR person.  But, when I look back at my career and my experiences, I was fortunate in that I experienced PR as a function that was integrated into marketing.  (Maybe ‘fortunate’ isn’t the right word, often I pushed and shoved my way into integrated marketing organizations.)

I believe that PR, communications, or whatever you want to call it,  needs to work closely with other members of the marketing team. No man is an island and no marketing function is as effective all by itself.  So, while PR will always hold a special place in my heart and soul — I promise to never think it is so powerful that it can stand by itself.  PR plans and strategies need to be integrated and balanced with other marketing plans and strategies.  Work together now!