Just a game? The Quest for Innovation

On Friday I was part of a team involved in The Quest for Innovation — a unique initiative bringing together the New England innovation economy to celebrate entrepreneurship and innovative advances in Boston.  The  MassInno team — brought together under the flag of the innovation-focused event I run monthly in Waltham, was evenly divided between entrepreneurs and marketers — and we were able to do this with our team of 7 because some of the marketers are in the midst […]

The Evil Genius that is Peter Shankman

In the comic books, the mad scientist is intent on taking over the world through devious means.  Some nefarious plot will lead to utter chaos and ruination for the good guys and a world controlled by the evil genius.  Sometimes, you get the world domination play in real life.

Teaching Curiosity

Last night I attended the Geek Girls dinner in Cambridge’s Betahouse (a shared workspace for entrepreneurs.)  I’m probably not geeky enough to be a full-fledged member of Geek Girls but I love and appreciate my sisters in tech enough where they kindly overlook my own lack of tech credentials.

Last Night They Paid Me in Pizza

When you are what you sell — as most services are — you often find yourself being asked to help out.  Which is totally cool — I really don’t have the financial wherewithal to make big donations to my favorite charities or my friends’ projects, but I can help out, applying my expertise in PR/marketing and social media.

Is the Microsoft Thesaurus Changing Our Language?

Was reading the Sunday Boston Globe this morning.  Love “The Word” by Jan Freeman. Something in this week’s column makes me wonder if some of the language transformation we are seeing might be the fault of new(er) tools in a writer’s arsenal? (Yes, I know they have been around for years but I am of the opinion that, except for some notable examples, language evolves rather slowly.)

Chief Surfer

I get up ridiculously early in the morning.  If my gym opened earlier than 5:00 am I would probably be there then too.  I also multi-task with relish.  I have my iPod on (I still haven’t started listening to the Nature podcast my son likes but I will get there eventually.)  I can put my latest read on the elliptical machine book holder and scan a row of televisions usually tuned to the news.  (Although, to be fair, TNT does […]

I am buzzword compliant

I had another one of those conversations today.  It’s a normal, everyday conversation with someone who knows me and who has known me for at least a couple of years.  More than just a casual acquaintance but someone who is in my home for a meal.  A real world friend.