Summertime, and the Living is Easy?

Summer is either the best or the worst time for getting anything done in the business world, depending on whether you talk with a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty type.

Everyone you speak with has a vacation planned.  A week on the Cape or one of the Islands.  A summer home in New Hampshire or Maine.  A yearly family vacation at their favorite spot in Vermont (a  little plug there for my friends at Tyler Place.)  Or maybe something more exotic.

Could be the extended weekend model.  Cluster all your days off around various weekends, Mondays and Fridays, and suddenly you have a season of mini-vacations.  Four days off, three working.  If you are lucky you can keep it going all summer.

If you are in business development, invariably, one of the decision-makers is out just when you are inches away from closing the deal.  Yes, yes.  Fishing.  Clear mountain streams. No cell coverage.  You understand.

But, if you are trying to get something done which requires no interaction with others, say, writing a white paper, suddenly that stretch of quiet time starts to look pretty good.  The phone isn’t going to ring and the email isn’t coming in at such a furious pace.  You can get coding done.  Or write that business plan.

Planning events is another interesting area.  Yes, that week does look tough for x% of people.  But, there is also little in the way of competition for their time and attention.  You might get your best turnout.

Do you run that email campaign now or wait for the fall?  (You may have watched your website traffic dive like you lost your best referral link but time-on-site has risen dramatically.)

Without time off to rest and recharge, we all end up a little wacky and bleary-eyed.  What do you think?  Summertime — business boon or bane? (No teachers…we don’t want to hear it, thank you very much.)

2 thoughts on “Summertime, and the Living is Easy?

  1. Trying to stay on track is challenging this Summer, no question. The extreme heat and humidity has kept me inside more and frankly has given me some new found work time. We are working on our new website, adding content and learning to use the CMS, etc. so the quiet in our business,Real Estate, due to Buyers vacation schedules is somewhat welcomed so we can concentrate a bit on better servicing our clients in the near future.
    Coordinating our schedules with service providers to answer our questions on tech issues is another thing!
    I think I just have to go with the flow….and yes, I look forward to some time away as well!

  2. Bobbie,

    It’s so nice to hear from you! I love that you plugged Tyler Place. I can’t wait to go back and we still have such a wait until next year. I don’t have a typical desk job, but I will still say that I get much more done in the months outside of summer simply because with the kids being more scheduled, I tend to be able to schedule myself better as well.

    I hope you have a wonderful rest of the summer and we’ll see back at TP next year! Oh, and we’ll definitely be canoeing again, I’ll just be the power instead of the brains next time. 🙂

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