Content Creation for Everyone

Content Creation for Everyone Not everyone is a Writer with a capital W.  Not everyone can easily take the information in their heads and turn it into words on paper.  But often people who don’t think of themselves as writers have wonderful information and knowledge that could and should be shared with others.  An article or blog post can be one way to do that.   We frequently work with companies and individuals who have wonderful knowledge “trapped between two ears.”  […]

Best Public Relations Books and Quora

There’s a new social media platform or tool born every 23 seconds (totally made up statistic but it sounds about right, doesn’t it?)  When you make your living in the social media and marketing world, you need to be aware of the new but also beware of the distraction factor that could pull you off-course.  Is this tool a potential time waster instead of a useful tool?  Quora is coming into its own lately and so I’ve started investigating it […]

How to Write a Partner Press Release

Sometimes it’s hard enough to get everyone inside a single company to agree on the specific wording of a press release but when you have two companies working together on a press release, it can more than double your approval cycles.  A clear case of 2+2=5.

Corporate Secrets

Cambridge’s Conduit Labs was just purchased by west coast Facebook gaming company Zynga.  The deal, announced yesterday, was partially reported just over a week ago by Scott Kirsner in a tweet after he heard about it while standing on line for ice cream at Fenway — setting up, as Nabeel pointed out, one of the best puns in journalism ever. 

Why Print Matters

I went on vacation last week and when I got home the mailman delivered a big stack of newspapers, magazines, and of course, bills and junk mail.  (Surprisingly little of the last category, maybe it is time for a resurgence in the direct mail industry.)  The mailman also delivered a subtle statement on the value of the print media.

Shocking Public Relations

When sleep doesn’t come right away, I often watch movies on TV, catching bits and pieces of them, rarely watching a movie from start to finish.  Hence, it often takes months before I see all of a movie, if ever.  I’ve seen snatches of the 2008 film Bottle Shock, the mostly true story of how Napa Valley took on the French wine industry in 1976.  It makes for an entertaining take on the vintner wars, even when you know it […]

Hand-building Media Lists: Media Relations 101 Part 1

Yes, yes, there are media databases and it is possible to start this kind of a project using one but frankly, you are just going to have to go back through it and do this work anyway.  Plus you are paying big bucks for that database access and the temptation is to not do the research to confirm that the names that turn up are really your best targets.  (And then you can find yourself in the embarrassing situation of […]