How to Get Major Media Coverage for Your Startup

If I had a dime for every startup who told me they wanted to “get major media coverage for their launch”, I wouldn’t be working for a living.  In general, major media coverage comes from a sizable investment in marketing, public relations, and product development.  You get major media coverage when you deserve it.  However, here are just a few tricks and tips to try.

SEO and Press Release Basics

We’ve written about press releases and Search Engine Optimization before but we’ve had some questions on the topic lately.  You know we frequently recommend press releases which have been optimized.  Here are some basics:

How to Create a Media Alert

Over the past few weeks, we’ve suggested the use of a media alert more than once; time for some basic info on what one is, how to use it and how to create one.  First off, what it isn’t:  a short press release.  In general, a media alert is used before an event and a press release is the actual news.

Seriously folks: Serious marketing for serious people

Or, conversely, funny marketing for funny people? Last week I participated in a pitch contest event run by The Capital Network. Like most pitch events, most of the startup entrepreneurs were there for the connections and not really interested in the $100 gift card and bottles of wine prizes.  (Although nice…) But one entrepreneur took the pitch to a whole different level with a song he composed and sang himself.  Amusing and well done, it didn’t land him in the […]

The Secret Sauce

Every PR and Marketing firm has their own secret sauce.  Their own special way of doing things.  I was recently told that part of our secret sauce is that we ask really good questions.  As part of the initial “getting to know you” process, we ask a lot of questions as we prepare to represent a company.  And while this list may look long, this isn’t exhaustive.

Winning the Coverage Lottery

You had the good fortune to win the lottery — a fantastic article about your company or product!  YEAH!  But before the team starts celebrating, what are you doing to leverage the coverage?  Here are a few ideas on keeping exposure working for you:

Hey BostInnovation, Over Here

Again?  Really?  We’re having this conversation again?  Hey BostInnovation – here are some of the posts and people’s thoughts from September 2009 when a Web Innovators Group panel made a similar suggestion to entrepreneurs (i.e. do PR yourself.)  For the rest of you, BostInnovation is suggesting early stage startups try to do their own PR.