Winning the Coverage Lottery

You had the good fortune to win the lottery — a fantastic article about your company or product!  YEAH!  But before the team starts celebrating, what are you doing to leverage the coverage?  Here are a few ideas on keeping exposure working for you:

  • Before you do anything else, first, is there a link to your website already in the article?  If not, check the norms on the source site and see if other companies get links.  If “yes” ask for a link.
  • Use the article as a point in an AdWords campaign.
  • Create a special landing page with key words from the article and maybe a special offer for readers of the article.  (Did you find out about us in USA Today? Read more here.) Landing page creation beyond you, how about a blog post? Just an introduction, maybe a few pull quotes and a link.
  • Include it (or a link to it) on your website in a media/coverage page.
  • Grab a good quote from the article and attribute it on your website or in collateral. AOL Travel calls us “The Best of the Best.”
  • Create reprints or handouts of the coverage for events or tradeshows or customer literature.
  • Link to the article from your social media – Tweet it, put it on your Facebook and LinkedIn statuses and encourage others to retweet or Like or +1 (the more traffic to the article the better as it will stay relevant longer.)
  • Also, go for the retweet or the Like – when you put your link on your Facebook page, be creative with how you ask for Likes.  (“Click Like if you like our strawberry jam…”)
  • Create and distribute a relevant press release about the article and create a key word heavy landing page for the links in the article.
  • Let your local newspaper know you were covered in USA Today — sometimes small local papers will cover this and the impact on your business.
  • Have a newsletter? Build out the article into a longer detailed article with a link to the original.  If the article was on 3 ways to hit a golf ball, create an article on your website about the article and add 2 more ways — 5 ways to hit a golf ball.

(Note: remember who owns the article.  No plagiarism or copyright infringements, please! You may have to purchase the right to reprint the article but pointing to it or quoting from it, with attribution, is fine.)