Common Sense Isn’t

I’ve been told that common sense isn’t common.  I used to think that everyone understood certain basic truths in business.  They don’t.

  • In order to be successful in business, you need to have more money coming in than you spend.
  • Call the references. Then, call someone else, someone who isn’t on the approved reference list and ask them what they think.  Listen carefully to what they don’t say.
  • Website traffic is all well and good but does the visitor actually buy something?  Or somehow contribute to the bottom line?
  • Follow the rules.  Breaking the law, skirting the law, whatever you call it, not good business.
  • The business leaders are usually the leaders for a good reason.  They did something right.  Or, if you believe Malcolm Gladwell in Outliers, they were born at the right time and they worked really really hard to get where they are today.
  • People specialize.  They acquire specialized knowledge and education.  They get good at what they do for a living.  Let them do their job.  You do yours and everything will work out much better.
  • That said, don’t assume that someone from outside your field knows nothing.  They might see something you missed.  They have their own common sense.
  • If something doesn’t work once, it probably won’t work if you keep doing the same exact thing.

One definition of common sense  is “sound judgment not based on specialized knowledge; native good judgment.”  Do you have your common sense turned on?