Here Come ‘Da Judge: One Way to Learn About New Marketing Tools

Over the last few weeks I have participated in no fewer than 5 separate events as a judge – including Merrimack Valley Sandbox Incubator, AngelHack Boston and the MITX Innovation Awards.  (I guess when you have been hanging around as long as I have, they figure you must have picked up something.) 

Each time, the organizers are effusive in their thanks but I always feel like I need to be thanking them.  During the judging process, I get to immerse myself in lots of cool new applications and solutions – it’s the same reason I love running Mass Innovation Nights so much.  I learn so much each time!

I was part of the group assembled to award the Best of Show and PWC promise awards for the MITX Innovation Awards.  With the organization’s focus on the place where marketing and technology converge, MITX is a bit of a happy hunting ground for marketing people like us.  It’s the place to find tools and solutions for many of the marketing challenges we see on regular basis.

Some of the cool products we saw included:

•    Celtra’s AdCreator – ad production and delivery platform
•    Fiksu – mobile app marketing
•    SessionM – audience engagement and retention for developers
•    SkyWord – original content for your website
•    Nanigans – optimizing your Facebook ads like nobody’s business.