Networking for a Cause

Way back in May, our farthest-flung Mass Innovation Nights (MassInno or #MIN) visitor was from Colorado.  The June event?  A little closer to home but still a plane ride away, Chicago.  Mark J. Carter was in town for a week of networking and tweet-ups and managed to squeeze us into his Wednesday.  But let’s talk about his event on Thursday.

Networking for a Cause is primarily directed to young professionals interested in connecting with and helping nonprofits.  Although not a “young” professional, or a nonprofit (MassInno leans heavily into the “no profit” arena), this is my second time at the Boston event.  While MassInno is a networking Mecca (our wide variety of companies and industries represented make it a good place to connect with a variety of people), Mark has chosen to be very focused.

It is also a structured networking event.  He puts small groups together at a round booth and walks them through introductions and connecting.  There are even note cards and pencils out in case you need them.  There is still plenty of time for unstructured networking but always nice to have someone else doing the heavy lifting every once in a while.

Today’s Boston area tweetups are leaning heavily toward the social — it is good to find a more “get something accomplished” oriented event.  Have you recently been to an event with stellar networking opportunities?  Or seen a great system?  Share!