Someday, I Will Write a Book

Like most PR people who have been hanging around a while, I have a storehouse of weird tales that I pull out at dinner parties.It wasn’t until recently that I realized my stories were a little weirder than most.

I belong to a group called the PR (“Paul Revere”) Dinner Club of Boston.  I was invited as a member when I was heading PR at Parametric Technology Corporation.  (I keep expecting someone to take me aside at some point and ask me to step down as I no longer wield the “power” I once did, but they are WAY too nice for that.)

Upon being introduced to a new member one night, I was asked to trot out one of my weird stories.  The requestor’s introduction made me realize that this story was evidently an old favorite of his — I was famous! (At least my bizarro story was.)  So I dutifully launched into the story.  Then he asked for the next one, and the next one…hmm, he knew my top three.

So the next thought in my mind was, “Oh dear — I’ve told these stories way too often. I’ve become the bore I dread listening to, repeat the same old story every time I’m out.”  But, I was assured this wasn’t the case…am still a little suspicious.

So, I’ll try to catalog some of my Weird Tales here — and, I’d love to hear yours too!