Content Creation for Everyone

Content Creation for Everyone Not everyone is a Writer with a capital W.  Not everyone can easily take the information in their heads and turn it into words on paper.  But often people who don’t think of themselves as writers have wonderful information and knowledge that could and should be shared with others.  An article or blog post can be one way to do that.   We frequently work with companies and individuals who have wonderful knowledge “trapped between two ears.”  […]

Content Creators Win

The more you know about online marketing, the more you realize that writers will eventually rule the earth.  Don’t pity the journalists and former journalists, they who have the ability to pump out engaging stories, they will be just fine in this era of The Newspaper Death Watch.  Everyone’s looking for good speedy writers and a daily reporter has all the right stuff.

Is the Microsoft Thesaurus Changing Our Language?

Was reading the Sunday Boston Globe this morning.  Love “The Word” by Jan Freeman. Something in this week’s column makes me wonder if some of the language transformation we are seeing might be the fault of new(er) tools in a writer’s arsenal? (Yes, I know they have been around for years but I am of the opinion that, except for some notable examples, language evolves rather slowly.)