Content Creators Win

The more you know about online marketing, the more you realize that writers will eventually rule the earth.  Don’t pity the journalists and former journalists, they who have the ability to pump out engaging stories, they will be just fine in this era of The Newspaper Death Watch.  Everyone’s looking for good speedy writers and a daily reporter has all the right stuff.

Today’s search engine algorithms reward fresh content and regular updates.  Good writers can turn out good quality stuff without turning a hair.  The prolific writers are engaged online on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, with regular status updates, while the taciturn labor in relative obscurity, even if they have worked hard in other areas and have equally great ideas.

Not a writer?  Become one.  Keep pen and paper handy to jot down ideas for posts — or use your smartphone.  Or maybe one of the great tools like DragonWriter — just speak and it “writes” for you.  Capture interesting things you hear.  Start with something like Twitter (micro-blogging.)  140 characters isn’t too intimidating, is it?  Look at other things you write.  Did you explain something in an email to someone else?  That explanation might become the basis for a blog post.  Did a presentation you created contain three things everyone in your field ought to know?  That sounds like a blog post or a newsletter article to me. Re-purpose, recycle, reuse.

Get writing, now.

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