The Impact of Public Relations

When Peter Shankman sold Help a Reporter Out (HARO) to Vocus, I assumed we’d see more ads for Vocus in the three-times a day newsletter we get with reporter requests.  We do.  Overall, they seem to be good HARO “parents”.  The new editorial staff seems to be nice and funny and competent, giving Peter time to roam the earth, speaking at various functions.  (I ran into him, via FourSquare a couple weeks ago in Chicago.) But today’s ad in the […]

The Evil Genius that is Peter Shankman

In the comic books, the mad scientist is intent on taking over the world through devious means.  Some nefarious plot will lead to utter chaos and ruination for the good guys and a world controlled by the evil genius.  Sometimes, you get the world domination play in real life.