Mass Innovation Nights – NERD style

Last night marked Mass Innovation Night’s 35th event (one more and it turns 3!) and this one, like the many before, was an evening full of networking and creating buzz about local innovation! The Microsoft NERD Center hosted last night’s event and gave guests a direct view of Boston’s shimmering skyline. There was a great turnout and a lot of excitement generated about the ten companies featured! People were continuing to file in as the presentation began. The top four […]

Who Are Your People?

Local entrepreneur and innovator Bill Warner is an important resource for startups in the Boston market.  He blogs, tweets and speaks on topics of interest to the young startups.  One of Bill Warner’s queries from his presentation about How to Build Your Startup from the Heart has taken on new meaning for me lately.  One of the questions he asks is “Who are your people —  the people for whom you invent or create?”

Mass Innovation Nights and Twitter

As you probably know, Dan Englander and I started Mass Innovation Nights about 18 months ago.  What you might not know is that Mass Innovation Nights is more than just a monthly event to launch new products.  It has been a sandbox in which we frequently experiment with new social media marketing and online marketing techniques, especially Twitter techniques (Twechniques?). 

The New Power of the Press

Last night I attended a dinner organized by local Innovation Economy “catalyst” Scott Kirsner, columnist for the Boston Globe.  (You can read about the dinner itself on my other blog on Mass Innovation Nights.  Since this is my blog for PR and Marketing people, I’ll look at the evening from a different perspective.) 

Where Did All the Staff Reporters Go?

Reading the physical paper is a vastly different experience than reading the same stories online.  Not saying it is better — just different.  And that difference told a very interesting story at the Boston Globe recently. One way reading a physical paper is different from reading online is being able to see at a glance all the stories on a page — and not just the headlines and the links, but the whole story, bylines and all.  In this case, […]

Are You Prepared to Present?

As you probably know by now, I created a monthly product launch party and networking event called Mass Innovation Nights.  It’s a free opportunity for innovators and inventors of every kind to launch their products in front of social media enthusiasts and get some visibility.  Before I dive in on this topic, I want to make sure everyone understands that this blog post is NOT referring to the presenters at my event because, unfortunately, I’ve never actually SEEN any of […]