Brogan and Smith Use the Vowel Method

I just finished “Trust Agents” by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith and am happy to see they used the “Vowel Method” of  Business Book Writing.  Here’s how you write a truly terrific and useful business book using vowels — and based on some of the business books I’ve read, all business book writers should employ this method and far too many don’

“A” is for “Action”. Tell me how I can take the lessons learned in this book and put them to work to improve my business.  Chris and Julien actually lay out their “actions” in gray boxes throughout the book so you can’t miss them.

“E” is for”Example”. Give me an example.  Tell me a story.  Make me feel good that I’ve heard some of these stories but give me something new so I feel better about buying a book even though I made elaborate promises to my husband about using the library more.  Even better, tell me the behind the scenes story that no one else knows.

“I” is for “Insight”. Help me understand what’s really going on.  Help me figure out the true nature of a situation.  I might think I know what’s going on but after I read your book, I have an “aha” moment.

“O” is for “Oh My Gosh, That is SOOOO Funny”. I read a lot before I turn out the lights and go to sleep.  Every once in a while my husband finds me with a book on my face or next to me on the pillow.  These are generally books without the “O”.  Boring books.  Entertain me.  Make it fun.  Give me something I can use to make everyone laugh.  I want to see people snorting milk out their noses. I also read books at the gym on the elliptical machine which has a convenient book holder.  I want to make the person on the next machine nervous because I keep laughing out loud.

“U” is for, well “You”. It’s nice to hear stories about other people but let me get to know you through your book.  Let me inside your world.  Make me feel like part of your inner circle.

And, sometimes “Why.” Tell me why I should do this and not that.  Why is the sky blue?  Why would Conan O’Brien eat dirt?  And why is the domain for “Trust Agents” singular?

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