How Others See Us

When was the last time you Googled yourself?  Or took a walk through your own online profiles?  Or went through your own website?  Maybe it is time.

Oops. This website mentions MySpace.  I obviously haven’t changed the copy on that page since I put up the website more than two years ago, when MySpace was still relevant for some of my clients.  (I know, I know…it still is if you are a music promoter.)  It also had a lot of “I”, no longer appropriate now that we are a “we.”

A website I work with regularly had a blank spot on the home page where there used to be a promotional widget — just fixed that for the webmaster.  Another one still promotes an event that happened last week.  I put in a call to the admin.  Another dear friend had a typo in his Twitter profile, something he rarely views since he primarily signs in from his mobile device.

Remember to view your sites and profiles the ways others would — without signing in, or via search.  Don’t go straight to the back end of your site.  Make your home page your browser home page so you visit every time you fire up Firefox or Internet Explorer.  Visit your identities the ways others would — especially now when there are new versions of several social networks.  Your Twitter backdrop will look completely different with #NewTwitter and maybe some items you had in your Facebook profile don’t need top of page status.