Rest assured email is alive and well

For years I’ve supported and encouraged inbound marketing efforts, as I’ve seen with my own eyes the benefits of community, engagement, and reciprocation of great content. Channels have opened up to allow businesses to effectively reach their target markets without slaying the marketing budget with big spends like TV and magazine ads.

But one method of communication that I believe continues to have a strong hold in the marketing chain, but is often unfairly slammed, is email. In fact, Twitter (that crazy success story for 140 characters of real-time communication) has begun emailing users every time someone replies, direct messages or retweets their content. What does that say about the effectiveness and reach of email? For Twitter to engage with its open community on a more one-on-one basis indicates to me that email continues to have a strong influence on branding, messaging and community. Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networking sites also use email as a notification system – or as a way to say, “Don’t forget my platform. Come check out your activity. We facilitate networking but only if you join in.”

Newsletters are still flying across the Internet and landing in inboxes around the globe; targeted information geared towards a receptive, opt-in, audience. Email newsletters are a great tool to reach the audience that raises their hands in favor of your product or service.

So when you review your marketing plans in the coming months and are lured towards the glamor and flash of the next, great communication channel, don’t forget your aging, yet reliable friend the email box. Now, excuse me while I go clean out my inbox…I have all these Twitter messages waiting for me.