Blogging and Habits. Craigslist and Kayaks.

We often suggest that clients have 3 months of blog content teed up and ready to go before they go live with a blog.  We “test” blogging readiness with micro-blogging platforms like Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.  If you can keep those going, you have a better chance at keeping a blog alive.  Like plants and puppies, blogs need constant love and attention to keep growing and thriving.

And, yes, we know that our blog tends to suffer from the cobbler’s children syndrome – while our client blogs are pulsating, happy, healthy, and full of joy, ours limps along.  All we can do is point to the growing roster of happy clients and say those are our priorities.

And back to the puppies, I collect blogging strategies like so many strays.  I find they follow me home on a regular basis.  Here’s a cool one:

#BlogOrBeer was a “blogging bet” — if Ian Lamont, one of the founders of Invantory, stopped blogging before launch, he would owe me free beer (or in my case, a fine carbonated diet beverage of my choice, preferably the one that doesn’t give me a splitting headache).  If he won, I would write a blog post about Invantory.

Invantory is the super-cool mobile tool that allows me to browse Craigslist with my iPhone – aiding my ongoing searchKayaking at Tyler Place for an affordable kayak for my husband for either Father’s Day or his birthday. (Side note:  while I haven’t yet found the right kayak, the Invantory app remains on my phone where many other test apps have been removed.  It’s a great tool if you like browsing Craigslist or are actively pursuing a particular product.  I have friends who search regularly for specific collectibles who would love this thing.)

I’ve heard it said a number of times that habits are formed and broken relative to the repetition.  More repetition – stronger habits. Go to the gym everyday for three weeks and you are more likely to keep going.  Miss just once it seems and there is a greater chance of letting your good habit die.   Habits snowball, gaining momentum over time.   And, like a kayak trip, you don’t get where you are going unless you keep on paddling.

What do you do to keep your blog going? And anyone got a 2-seater river kayak taking up space in their garage?

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